AHD Hair Transplant Cost

AHD hair transplant cost policy is determined based on the number of hair graft. Price for each hair graft is 2 €. 1000 graft will cost 2.000 €. For 3000 grafts, AHD hair transplant cost will be 6.000 €. This price includes the following services on the list.

Results 85
Cost 80
Patient Reviews 85
Experience 90
Overall 85
  • FUE Automated : 2€ / per graft (4000€ – 8000€ for a hair transplant), up to 4000 grafts in one session
  • FUE Manual : 2.5€ / graft
  • Beard: 2.5€ /graft
  • Eyebrow: 2.5€ / graft
  • Body: 2.5€ / graft
  • PRP treatment: Free (*) associated with surgery

Hair Transplant Includes

  • 2 Way VIP Transport (Airport-Hotel)

  • Free PRP Treatment

  • PreOp. Blood Tests

  • Local anesthesia

  • Accommodation


  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

  • Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

  • Body hair transplant (BHT)

  • Beard hair transplant

  • Eyebrow transplant

  • Hair transplant repair

  • Strip scars repair

  • Long Hair Transplant

About AHD Hair Transplant

Hakan Doganay has started in 2002 hair transplant on patients worldwide regularly solid and substantial quality with outstanding results

He stared to use FUE technique since 2006 as one of the most used techniques for hair transplants ever since Dr. Hakan Doganay has been one of the most. successful doctors in Turkey , Europe & USA.

We offer affordable hair transplant cost. We charge per graft price please see hair transplant cost. Because of the average labor costs and lower rental rates in Turkey hair restoration cost at AHD is in moderate level.

Phone: +90 533 247 19 90
Mail: turkey@ahdclinic.com
Location: Antalya, Turkey

Source: ahdclinic.com

AHD Hair Transplant Review

Generally, AHD hair transplant reviews are good. We mainly consider bad reviews when we evaluate as “Turkey HT Cost”. I think you know like everyone else that good reviews are written after receiving a payment. Of course, this does not mean all hair transplant clinics pay for good reviews. But since these good reviews are confusing, we will focus on bad reviews.

When AHD hair transplant bad reviews are considered, people generally said the clinic didn’t show any interest after hair transplant.

Bad Reviews

paleo capa

I am a former patient of aforementioned doctor. First, I will sum up my personal opinion of the clinic and the situation they have put me into, then in a later post I will try my best to share my story as detailed as possible. In my opinion choosing him was the worst decision of my life. Though I am greatly influenced emotionally, I will try to be as objective as possible, and let the reader decide whether I am right or wrong.

A few words about me: I am 26 years old, been dealing with hair loss since I was 18. Hair loss runs in my family, both my brother and my father is Norwood 5-6. I always kept my hair medium-long so I thought I only had a receding hairline. The last few years I was in depression because of my hair loss and thought only getting my hair back could make me happy again. I trusted Dr. Hakan Doganay and AHD Clinic and now I am in worse shape than before, I can back up anything I am stating below:

– I arrived to Dr Hakan Doganay with a receding hairline and he merely looked at my head and did not evaluate my hair loss and miniaturization at all. If he did, it would had become clear that I not only have a receding hairline but a full, advanced norwood 5A-6 balding pattern. If I was told that, I would never had went through with the procedure. I clearly articulated before the procedure that I do not want to take propecia due to sides. We talked about potential future hair loss given my family history, but I was not informed that I am already way down the road. ( I became aware of my hairloss situation when my hair started to grow back postop)

– Dr. Hakan Doganay did not evaluate my donor capacity either. He carelessly drew a new (somewhat low) hairline on my head using up 2500 grafts (for which I already paid for in advance). He did not warn me about my ongoing hair loss, or come up with a conservative game plan for the long term.

– In the IAHRS website it was written that Dr. Hakan Doganay extracts and implants the grafts himself, I only found out later that he uses techs with very little experience do all the extraction and a part of the implantation as well.

Good Reviews


I have confidence after this hair transplant, I am happy and peaceful.


My friends couldn’t believe it when they see the after results. I’m so happy.

AHD Hair Transplant Before and After


Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews & Costs