Asmed Hair Transplant Cost

Asmed hair transplant cost policy is determined based on the number of hair graft. Price for each hair graft is 2,5 €. 2000 graft will cost 5.000 €. For 4000 grafts, Asmed hair transplant cost will be 10.000 €. This price includes the following services on the list.

Results 95
Cost 75
Patient Reviews 95
Experience 90
Overall 88
  • FUE Manual: 2,5 € per graft
  • FUE Unshaven: 6 € per graft
  • FUE Innovations: K.E.E.P, Ke-Bot, Ke-Head, Ke-Rest
  • PRP: 300 € per session (optional)

Hair Transplant Includes

  • 2 Way VIP Transport (Airport-Hotel)

  • PreOp. Blood Tests

  • Local anesthesia

  • Accommodation

  • 24/7 Bookimed assistance


  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

  • Beard hair transplant

  • Long Hair Transplant

  • Eyebrow transplant

  • Hair transplant repair

  • Strip scars repair

  • Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

  • Body hair transplant (BHT)

About Asmed and Dr. Koray Erdoğan

Dr. Koray Erdoğan born in 1968 in Bursa-Gemlik (Turkey), he attended Bursa Anatolian High School and later, Hacettepe University where he earned his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine. After completing his compulsory military service, he began the practice of medicine as an assistant at Marmara University’s Department of Thoracic Surgery.

In 2001, he founded his own hair transplant clinic, and at the same time, participated in numerous conferences and seminars in Europe and the United States. By 2004, he had developed his own unique FUE system known as the “Sequential Technique” that has since been evidenced in forums and international publications. Additionally, he validated and demonstrated this technique in numerous international congresses and workshops such as in Spain, Italy, Malaysia and India.

Dr. Erdogan exclusively performs FUE hair transplants at the ASMED Surgical Center, his personal clinic, together with six other physicians who are specialists in their respective fields. In 2016, he founded World FUE Institute with the other authorities of international hair transplant society like Dr. Ron Shapiro, Dr. Jose Lorenzo, Dr. Jerry Wong, Dr. Hussain Rahal and Dr. Bijan Feriduni and assumed the Vice-Presidency. In 2018 he was elected president of the World FUE Institute.

Phone: +90 216 4641111
Location: İstanbul, Turkey


Asmed Hair Transplant Reviews

Generally, Asmed hair transplant reviews are good. We mainly consider bad reviews when we evaluate as “Turkey HT Cost”. I think you know like everyone else that good reviews are written after receiving a payment. Of course, this does not mean all hair transplant clinics pay for good reviews. But since these good reviews are confusing, we will focus on bad reviews.

When Asmed hair transplant bad reviews are considered, people said customer services are insufficient and disinterested.

Bad Reviews


Terrible experience with dr. Koray in his clinic asmed. He completely ruined my donor. He wanted to extract more grafts than what my donor could afford and after 8 months my donor is overharvested. I don’t know if his decision to take too much grafts was due to earn more money or because he is not capable to understand the capacity of a donor! The treatment after surgery was terrible too, he never cared about my bad situation and tried constantly to make me believe that everything was all right. I really despise this man, horrible person!

Kevin McAteer

Very poor customer service/consultation team. After two months of chasing (with numerous emails and weeks of delays) the feedback provided was unconstructive and to a certain extent unprofessional.

Asmed has positive reviews from patients but sadly they have proven to be nothing more than a waste of my time.

Adam Din

I have emailed these guys several times , all they keep saying is we will get back to you!! Poor service , do not deserve custom !!

Sebastian LEFEVRE

VERY disappointed.
A very BAD follow-up after the hair transplant.
Very LATE answer!
I lose a lot of hair but the only thing I get is “it’s normal do not worry”. Very disappointed because prices are high. I advise you to choose another clinic in Turkey

Good Reviews

Babis Sparkalis

Great service! I had my transplant done on the 4th and 5th of August and I have already recovered. It’s not an easy procedure, that’s why I can say that I have let myself in very good hands and I can recommend to everyone who thinks about getting a hair transplant to go to Asmed. Dr Koray Erdogan is one of the best in the whole world, a real genius who clearly knows what is best to do for the patient. I will attach a picture to my review which shows the incredible experience I had at Asmed. Many thanks to Dr Erdogan, Andreea and the rest of the team for their brilliant work!

Ben Galili

Visited the ASMED medical center this January for a “procedure”.
The only thing that surpasses the beauty of the center, the state of the art facilities, Robots(!), massage chairs, patients Hotel (!), Live daily concerts, good food, etc.. , are the people working there. Outstanding level of professionalism and kindness from all the staff. From Dr Koray and Dr. Umut, to the medical team, the coordinators, nurses, the drivers, and everybody else.

Asmed Hair Transplant Before and After


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