Dr Keser Hair Transplant Cost

Dr. Keser hair transplant cost policy is determined based on the number of hair graft. Price for each hair graft is 2,5 €. 1000 graft will cost 2.500 €. For 3000 grafts, Dr. Keser hair transplant cost will be 7.500 €. This price includes the following services on the list.

Results 95
Cost 75
Patient Reviews 95
Experience 95
Overall 90
  • FUE Manual: 2.5€ / graft (up to 1500 grafts in one session)
  • Beard: 2500€ – 4500€

Hair Transplant Includes

  • 2 Way VIP Transport (Airport-Hotel)

  • PreOp. Blood Tests

  • Local anesthesia

  • Accommodation

  • 24/7 Bookimed assistance


  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

  • Beard hair transplant

  • Eyebrow transplant

  • Hair transplant repair

  • Strip scars repair

  • Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

  • Long Hair Transplant

  • Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

About Dr Keser Hair Transplant

Dr. A. Muttalip Keser is a specialist of esthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. He graduated from Ankara University Medical Faculty in 1991 and received his plastic surgery education at Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital between 1992 and 1997. He established Derma -Past esthetic surgery center in 1998. In addition to all types of esthetic surgery operations, FUE method, the latest in hair transplantation, has been successfully performed at Derma-Plast since 2003.

Dr .Keser has been the first in Turkey to perform FUE method, a revolutionary advance in hair transplantation. Dr.Keser started his scientific studies in late 2002 and based his experiences on scientific grounds. In the affiliated departments of the universities in Turkey and in the USA , he designed and produced Follicular Unit Extractor after 20 months of research studies. This specially designed needle is a self-design of Dr. Keser and all its rights belong to him. With these needles, the extraction of follicular units without a loss of anatomical unity has been possible. The needles was approved by Turkish Patent Institution in 2003, and PCT application for international patent has been filed.

With more than ten years of experience at hairtransplantation he is a member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

Phone: +90 312 4424252
Mail: info@drkeser.com
Location: Ankara, Turkey

Source: drkeser.com

Dr Keser Reviews

Generally, dr Keser reviews are good. We mainly consider bad reviews when we evaluate as “Turkey HT Cost”. I think you know like everyone else that good reviews are written after receiving a payment. Of course, this does not mean all hair transplant clinics pay for good reviews. But since these good reviews are confusing, we will focus on bad reviews.

Bad Reviews


I had almost similar experience with dr Keser. He was nice on phone but was very unprofessional and irresponsible. I only got to know the real him after I made the advance payment for the grafts.

He has no idea what he is doing. My redness was for many days and pain stayed for couple of weeks which should not have been the case.


Dr. Keser is a fraud and lied to me about everything. I would never recommend him to anyone. He is a cheater. He tricks people from around the world. Never fall for his cheap rates. That is just a way to lure people into signing up for his treatment. Once, he finds that you don’t have a choice, he shows his real colours. It is better if you search in depth before consulting him.

Good Reviews


I had a FUE hair transplant performed by Dr.Keser 2 weeks ago, 1.500 grafts.
He didn’t share any before/after images as it is prohibited by law.
Everyone can check his operation results and reviews from the reliable international forums and web sites.
He has patients from all over the world.

In addition, the clinic/staff were clean and instruments/towels were sterilized at each step.

I’m satisfied with the result and will choose him again for the next procedure in future.
My recommendation for those who plan to have a FUE hair transplant surgery is to search doctors performing the whole procedure himself, not using technicians.

Dr Keser Before and After

Dr Keser Reviews


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