Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic Cost

Dr Serkan Aygin hair transplant cost policy is determined based on the method. The price does not change whether 1000 grafts or 6000 grafts are transplanted. Dr Serkan Aygin hair transplant cost is 2000 dollars for FUE and 2500 dollars for DHI method. This price includes the following services on the list.

Results 75
Cost 85
Patient Reviews 70
Experience 90
Overall 80
  • FUE Automated : 1.3€ / per graft (2500€ – 5000€ for a hair transplant), up to 4000 grafts in one session
  • FUE Manual : 2.5€ / graft (up to 1500 grafts in one session)
  • Beard: 2500€ – 4500€
  • Eyebrows: 2500€ – 3500€
  • Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP): 500€ – 1000€
  • PRP treatment: Free (*) associated with surgery

Hair Transplant Includes

  • Flight Tickets

  • 2 Way VIP Transport (Airport-Hotel)

  • Free PRP Treatment

  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • PreOp. Blood Tests

  • Local anesthesia

  • Accommodation

  • 24/7 Bookimed assistance


  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

  • Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

  • Body hair transplant (BHT)

  • Beard hair transplant

  • Eyebrow transplant

  • Hair transplant repair

  • Strip scars repair

  • Long Hair Transplant

About Dr Serkan Aygin

Dr. Serkan Aygin is a world-renowned doctor in hair transplantation by holistically treating hair loss in both men and women.

His dedication during his experience of 22 years to the advancement and perfection of hair restoration techniques, such as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), have consistently earned him much respect and accreditation. His continuing contributions to the field of hair restoration have assured his place among the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey.

And at his his own clinic, Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic in Istanbul, he has performed thousands of surgeries over years, and the results speak for themselves. He regularly holds worldwide conferences and has treated more than 10,000 patients from all across the globe.

Phone: +90 555 100 40 40
Mail: info@drserkanaygin.com
Location: İstanbul, Turkey

Source: drserkanaygin.com

Dr Serkan Aygin Review

Generally, Dr Serkan Aygin reviews are not bad. We mainly consider bad reviews when we evaluate as “Turkey HT Cost”. I think you know like everyone else that good reviews are written after receiving a payment. Of course, this does not mean all hair transplant clinics pay for good reviews. But since these good reviews are confusing, we will focus on bad reviews.

When Dr Serkan Aygin bad reviews are considered, people said the clinic did not give detailed information before hair transplant and customer services are insufficient and disinterested.

Bad Reviews

john Ber

Be very careful he has 1000 web sites also he is paying some web sites to show fake pozitive reviews like trustpilot realself proven expert! search good on internet you can see all his victims! again read here carefully he has black market clinic all operations perform by unknown people or nurses them results are horrible but he has many agents 24 hours they are giving good feedbacks about him! I hope someone will read here !

Stevie Brachen

I was left with massive scars at the back of my head and I deffinatly never received the amount of grafts that I was told I would get. They took 4500 grafts and it looks like they implanted 1500 at most.

Hugas Les

i have very bad result only nurses are operating! Doctor just sitting his room! i do not understand what is the dr serkan aygin job in this clinic? All works done by nurses!!!

i do not believe here all pozitive feedbacks not looks naturel!

Sam Hani

They Lie. They will tell you we will implant 4000 hair follicles when they implant maximum of 2000. You will be very lucky if you see Dr. Serkan twice. He doesn’t even supervise the procedure.

BB Wolf

I visited this clinic, it looks like a gimmick, all female staff mostly blondes Russian origin, I went in as a walk in customer, staff was in shock Fancy Interior, question answered by customer relation, they didn’t bothered to check my hair . It doesn’t felt a hair medical clinic but a commercial marketing project with Dr Serkin coloured his hair’s grey to look Experienced.this is my judgement based on the my visit only


My first review ever but i had to share it. This was a nightmare. Hairline extremely bad designed (by serkan himself!!), not natural at all (everybody noticed after the operation). Thick hair implanted and grafts not separated. Parts left without hair. Blue marks after the operation due to the product they use to draw the line. Hair which grow completely wrong and 90degrees straight.
Eventually they offered me a guarantee but i had no trust at all to go back after first experience. You speak to the “doctor” 2 min and he doesnt answer your questions as he s too busy with the factory number of people who come for the operation. If you are lucky there s a doctor during the surgery (not serkan of course) with the assistance of very young people, probably not qualified at all.
Now have to spend triple of the money for corrections, with laser, creams and new transplant..so be very careful!! Rather choose a better clinic and pay a bit more than having to repair the damage (which is not always possible or easy to do).

I am surprised to see so many 5 stars reviews but no pics of the results…. wonder why…#fakereviews

Halis Çadırcı

i did a HT 9 months ago at Dr serkan aygin the results are bad no new hair same bald spot i tried to contact them but they don’t answer i don’t recommend this place


Not given the courtesy of a reply to my two enquiries. I tried again when I arrived in Turkey and still nothing. I have since had the proceedure at another clinic. I do not appreciate being ignored – perhaps you are too busy to bother. Either way it shows poor customer service and a contemptible attitude. Glad I went elsewhere. And please do not try and dismiss my negativity with some poor excuse.

Halis Çadırcı

First is first; This review is 100% based on my individual experience. My intentions are not to jeopardize an established business but to leave a useful review of a personal experience for future customers.I had only receding hairline and wanted to lower it for about 1-1.5 cm down. For me, it was a small cosmetic touch rather than a needed procedure.
***1.Before the operation : I went to see the doctor at his office with my cousin for a consolation and price quote for my cousin and decided to get for myself too. The doctor came and spent only 1-2 minutes on my potential operation stating that 2400 grafts would be very close to a natural look with a high density. I had only 1-2 days to decide and get it done as I had only 4-5 days left in Turkey.I decided to get it done only if the doctor would be present to at least supervise the operation. I was told yes in the evening and in the morning they confirmed that the doctor was on his way. He never came. It was a lie! ***2.During and right after the operation : First of all, they give you sedative drug for a painless operation but they don’t do any tests if someone allergic to the medicine. Be aware of the risk! My procedure was simply lowering hairline and covering 2 small hairless spots up which were about 0.5 cm2 and 1 cm2. Total count of grafts were 2400 (what I was told!) After the operation, I was asked to come in within 2-3 days for the first wash and check up on so that the doctor would take a look at. I came and again it was a lie. He never even bothered do see me.I was giving a so called “certificate” with completely made up numbers about the grafts with 1-2-3 hair follicles or shafts. ***3.Little after and results (9 months) : I have patiently waited to see the final results before I put a true, fair and an honest review based on facts that can be proven. I took some progress pictures of right after, after first wash, after 2 weeks and after 9 months to see the real results.
If I can describe my feelings and thoughts about this procedure, it would be absolutely “disaster“, “horrible” or “terrible”, you name it.
***1.They absolutely lied about 2400 grafts. This is a fact and can be proven with a simple math and pictures: I scaled down the main area with a measuring tape (length and width) omitting the sides giving them 200 grafts at maximum for the benefit of the doubt (I couldn’t count more than 100-120). So, 2200 grafts left. The length is 17cm and width is thinnest area 1.5cm & thickest 2.2 cm. Again, for fairness to you I counted as 18 X 2.2 cm = about 40 cm2. If you divide the remaining grafts 2200 / 40 = 55 grafts per square cm. I promise that even the most densely transplanted are has no more than 20-25 grafts per square cm. So; the truth is that they never transplanted more than 1200-1400 grafts. Be aware of this and bring someone in to make them see the count if you still want to go with this clinic. ***2.For the 2 hairless spots: They put about 10-12 grafts still looking like a big hairless spot and the other one is a joke! They put only 1 graft!! Only 1 graft like they were insulting me!!
***3.The 2 frontal sides: They left a huge gap between my natural hair and transplanted hair. I cannot even describe how awful it looks. I had a short haircut thinking that it would be good to see the real results and now I cannot go out without a hat. There are 2 big empty / hairless spots on each side. ***4.They completely lied about the grafts and shafts/ hair follicles: All I see is grafts with 4-5-6 even 7-8 hair strings looking like thick tree trunks with big gaps in between. Singles and duos are barely to be seen!! This happens because they don’t use a microscope to separate the grafts into singles, duos and so on. Ask them if they use any kind of microscope ! ***5.The unnatural pattern of the transplanted hair: They did not follow the basic principles to a natural looking hair pattern at all. The hair is all intermingled and they are transplanted with almost a 90-degree angle!! It looks like a “grass head”! Never Recommending !!!

Good Reviews

abdu tayeb

I had a wonderful experience. I was recommended this place by a friend that had outstanding results and I hope to see the same. The staff is more than generous and very friendly. They explained everything before and after and I feel very much satisfied. I recommend to who ever is looking. Thank you Dr Serkan Aygin and staff you have been great help.

Dr Serkan Aygin Before and After


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