Estethica Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Estethica hair transplant cost policy is determined based on the method. The price does not change whether 1000 grafts or 4000 grafts are transplanted. Estethica hair transplant cost is 2.400 € for economic package and 2.500 € for standar package. This price includes the following services on the list.

Results 75
Cost 80
Patient Reviews 50
Experience 90
Overall 75
  • FUE Automated: starting from 2.000 €
  • Beard: 2.000 €- 2.500 €
  • Eyebrows: 2.000 €- 2.500 €
  • PRP treatment: Free (*) associated with surgery

Hair Transplant Includes

  • 2 Way VIP Transport (Airport-Hotel)

  • Free PRP Treatment

  • PreOp. Blood Tests

  • Local anesthesia

  • Accommodation

  • 24/7 Bookimed assistance


  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

  • Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

  • Beard hair transplant

  • Eyebrow transplant

  • Hair transplant repair

  • Strip scars repair

  • Long Hair Transplant

  • Body hair transplant (BHT)

About Estethica Turkey

The focus of all our offers and activities is always on healthy people. We reject beauty surgeries and corrections which are only performed to achieve a certain aesthetic goal, but which lose sight of the health of the person. At estethica Health Group, all patient treatments must be based on careful diagnoses and therapies that are individually tailored to each patient.

There is a simple reason why we can offer all these services at a lower price than clinics in Central and Eastern Europe: general costs and salary levels are lower in Turkey. This enables us to offer our patients the same high medical standards as in Western Europe at a reasonable price.

In order to always provide our patients with the best possible treatment, we continuously evaluate, develop and improve our procedures, methods and procedures.

Phone: +90 549 791 9901
Location: İstanbul, Turkey


Estethica Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

Generally, Estethica hair transplant reviews are good. We mainly consider bad reviews when we evaluate as “Turkey HT Cost”. I think you know like everyone else that good reviews are written after receiving a payment. Of course, this does not mean all hair transplant clinics pay for good reviews. But since these good reviews are confusing, we will focus on bad reviews.

When Estethica hair transplant clinic bad reviews are considered, people generally said the clinic didn’t show any interest after hair transplant.

Bad Reviews

Tarak Mekni

Avoid avoid avoid!!! This was the most pain I have ever been through these guys don’t know what they are doing and will just try and sell you drugs that you can’t use!!!!


I had a hair transplantation and they promised me that The hair coverage will be 100% after a one year , but that was a lie. I still have baldness area and everyone can notice that. I tried to call them but as expected they gave me fake excuses 🤷🏻‍♂️
However everyone had his/her own experience. Good luck everyone.

Hulya Koc

I don’t recommend this place to anyone the quality of service is quite disappointing. I honestly believe they don’t even deserve this one star but I had to because I need to write this review.

Raluca Herman

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL !!! My soon to be husband had an appointment at them for hair implant. Because, I have thin hair, and wanted to look better at the wedding I decided for a PRP procedure. The day of the appointment a car picked us up at 7! ( the consult should have been at 8) but then we proceded to wait in the car until 8:30 for other customers. We arrived there late and he was rushed up into consultation and to begin (his procedure was 8 hours vs mine – 1 hour). I was left standing on the corridor with the mention that he will have a lunch break (leaving the hotel at 7 we couldn’t have breakfast!)
Now try to imagine I stayed on that corridor from 9 until 5:30 pm (8 hours!!!) time in which my boyfriend told them 4 times to not forget about my consult!
At 1 (the time of the lunch break) I wanted to contact him because until then no one consulted me. The receptionist was not speaking English! (Most of the people there don’t speak English!) I used the word “Manager” and, in less than 3 minutes, 2 English speaking employees came to take me to “my husband” who already had his lunch on a different floor while I was still waiting upstairs. I told him about my situation, but the English translator left and the doctor left also… from what we could understand in sign language.
I was offered the option to return the next day for my procedure but … really!?
So, if you fancy a trip to Istanbul, pay for flights, hotels, meals… to get your hair done, if you really, really want your hair done, don’t chose them!
P.S. they give medicine without knowing what it’s doing or how it should be taken. We asked for details and the guy told us “I’m not a doctor, I don’t know why we give you prednisone 16 mg, but we give to everybody”… magical logic! I encourage people to get informed, prednisone is proven to have no beneficial effect on the hair implants.

Abdullrahman Hawassli
i wish there is 0 star for this company, i went there last year, everything was so fast, we had a price for prp plus the operation, tey lied me saying they already done it but we disussed about after treatment one.
the management was really rude, even the agent was so immpolite and careless, she never answer my questions and they only rush you to take your money, my biggest regret.

Sadir Hiedo

I would not recommend this place to anyone who is interested in the hair transplant.
They don’t speak english
Doctors even does not know if English language exist
How terrible all those of you who travel to turkey to get their hair transplant done… And entire hospital could not find someone who speaks 10% English….

Zeynel Boz

After the failed hair transplant operation, the Estethica Levent branch stated that they would do what was necessary for the complaint I wrote about them and then they did not do anything. Moreover, they told me to delete the complaints through their lawyers otherwise they would file a threatening case. Estethica hair transplantation has been completely negative.

Good Reviews

Dmac 2017

One technician has been doin the job 3years and the other 6 years.. You’d like to think they’re probably over qualified for the task at hand LOL.. I never felt like I was being ignored or left waiting.. They’re on the ball.
Dr mehtap ozturkman overseen the procedure too.

Hotel :Cityloft : fantastic, room service, feels high class. (provided free for you by estethica)

Istanbul : feels like any other busy city, feels safe and sound. The Turkish are nice genuine and people. Don’t let the terrorist attacks put u off.

Overall. I can’t comment on the outcome of the transplant procedure until around the 10month mark but everything else was fantastic.

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Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews & Costs