hair transplant cost in turkey

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

What are hair transplant costs in Turkey, which is the most preferred country in the world for this procedure, as it both offers reasonable prices for hair transplants and gives successful hair transplant results? We search for the answer to this question and give some tips for those who want to have hair transplants at more reasonable prices.

You can find all information in this article about hair transplant prices in Turkey and what to do to get the best hair transplant results. If you also intend to have a hair transplant in Turkey, you can find the costs of all Turkish hair transplant clinics in this article.

Hair Transplant Prices and Factors affecting Hair Transplant Prices

When we compare the present costs with the costs of previous years, we see that there has been very little change. However, as each hair transplant clinic has a different pricing policy, we can clearly notice obvious differences between the prices when we compare the costs of clinics. We can easily say that there are many different reasons for each clinic to adopt a different pricing policy. Therefore, stating the reasons in an order considering their specific contexts and explaining them in detail will resolve your questions. So, these are the reasons for pricing differences:

  1. Prices vary depending on transplant techniques used
  2. Prices vary depending on the number of grafts planted
  3. Prices vary depending on the doctor you choose
  4. Prices vary depending on services given by clinics
  5. Prices vary depending on the seasons


1-   Pricing according to Techniques Used

The continuous development of technology from the past to today has had a positive impact on the medical world. Techniques to be applied in operations lie at the core of price differences for hair transplants. The technique preferred by patients in operations plays a crucial role in pricing.

a. FUE Hair Transplant and Its Price
As it is known, the FUE hair transplant technique is the most preferred hair transplant technique today. At the same time, as it forms the basis of other hair transplant techniques, it has an essential role. The most prominent characteristic of the FUE hair transplant technique is that it allows for a one-to-one collection of hair follicles extracted from the donor area. Thus, it leaves no scar on the donor area of patients. Additionally, patients have a faster healing process.

When it comes to hair transplant costs, when the FUE technique is used, the prices of hair transplant operations vary from $800 to $2,500. These prices may be more or less. The main reasons why prices may be more or less are differences in hair transplant instruments and additionally applied hair treatments.

b. DHI Hair Transplant and Its Prices
One of the most prominent hair transplant techniques in recent years is the DHI hair transplant technique. The DHI hair transplant technique is more preferred by patients who have long hair and do not want their hair to be shaved because DHI hair transplant is known to be a technique that requires no shaving. Only donor areas of patients are shaved. Following this, collected follicles are transplanted into the recipient area using a special implanter called Choi pen without channel opening. This is the most significant difference that distinguishes the DHI hair transplant technique from the FUE hair transplant technique.

Hair transplant without a shaving process prevents patients from troubling their aesthetic appearance after operations. Moreover, the healing process following the hair transplant operation is faster compared to the FUE technique.
When it comes to hair transplant prices, DHI hair transplant prices vary from $900 to $2,700.

2. Pricing per Graft

One of the most important issues in hair transplant for patients is grafts. Grafts are taken from donor areas of the patient and transplanted into the recipient area. It is thought that the more grafts that are in a hair transplant, the higher success the operation has. However, this is not always true, as grafts may exhibit differences according to their structures. Every graft harbours hair follicles in it. These hair follicles can be single, double, triple, quadruple and quintuple. Therefore, a hair transplant with 2,000 grafts applied to two different patients may give different results in these patients.

Graft number is another factor that determines hair transplant costs. Many clinics charge patients depending on per graft. These pricing schedules vary from clinic to clinic. In general, it is seen that prices vary from $1 to $3.5 per graft. So, in a hair transplant clinic where the price is $1 per graft, you have to pay $3,500 for a 3500-graft operation.

1.500 $3,750
2.000 $5,000
2.500 $6,250
3.000 $2,5* $7,500
3.500 $8,750
4.000 $10,000
4.500 $11,250
5.000 $12,500

*The price of $2,5 in the table above is given so that examples can be understood better.


How Many Grafts are transplanted in one session?

In a single session of hair transplant operations, approximately 2,000 to 4,000 grafts are transplanted. Sometimes, over 4,000 grafts may be transplanted in hair transplant operations, but these operations pose a higher risk for patients.  In such operations, as more follicles are taken from donor areas, delayed healing process in donor areas or different skin problems may be experienced. On the other hand, if the patient does not care about his/her nutrition and personal care, many of the over 5,000 transplanted grafts may not develop in a healthy way after the operation.


3.  Determining the Price depending on the Doctor you choose

Another reason for price differences in hair transplants are the doctors. Every doctor who performs the operation charges differently. Moreover, even if there are 3 different doctors in the same clinic, there are price differences among them. Other reasons for this are the experience of doctors and their popularity in the hair transplant sector.


4. Price Differences depending on Services given by Clinics

As it is known, people may request more luxurious services according to their preferences within the health sector. The desire for luxury service is not considered an essential need. Conversely, it is considered as an additional optional need. As a result, the desire for additional luxurious needs naturally results in different pricing in some transplant clinics. Additional luxurious needs can be summed up as follows:

  • Transportation by a special transfer vehicle
  • Accommodation service
  • Request for a separate suite privately prepared for a person

Consequently, luxury needs to be preferred by patients directly affect hair transplant prices. But, thanks to these preferred optional luxurious needs, you will have a more healthy and comfortable operation. Even if these services by no means directly affect the success of hair transplant operations, it contributes greatly and indirectly to the development after the operation.


5. Price Differences depending on Seasons

Hair transplant prices display seasonal differences from time to time. To give an example, hair transplant costs in winter and summer are different. The main reason for this is that certain measures are taken in order for your hair transplant operation to be successful, and measures taken in the summer and winter are different. This indirectly causes a difference in hair transplant prices.


How To have a Cheap Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant costs in the same clinic may vary for two different reasons. The first reason is that prices change depending on whether it is a low season or a high season. The second reason is foreign exchange rate fluctuations.
Foreign exchange rate: Turkish currency generally depreciates against foreign currencies. For this reason, the appreciation of the dollar against the Turkish lira makes hair transplant costs cheaper in Turkey.
Hair transplant season: While hair transplant prices are raised in the winter, which is the highest season for hair transplant as there is a high demand for it, prices are lowered in summers where there is low demand.


Is Insurance Included in Hair Transplant Prices?

Since transplant transactions are made abroad, it is not possible to obtain insurance from insurance companies. But successful hair transplant clinics provide 5, 10, 20, 30 years and even lifetime warranties for hair transplant operations that they perform. Choosing a prestigious hair transplant clinic can help avoid some problems that may arise on this matter.


Turkey Hair Transplant Package

Since health tourism is very developed in Turkey, presently, many hair transplant clinics give all-inclusive luxurious services. Almost all hair transplant companies plan services such as welcoming the patients at the airport with a VIP vehicle, hotel accommodation and operation organization. It is usually enough for a person who will have a hair transplant in Turkey to just inform clinics about his/her round-trip flight tickets. All remaining planning and organization are undertaken by clinics in the form of all-inclusive packages.


Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

There are a lot of successful hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Among these successful hair transplant clinics, only some of them are considered the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Here are some of the hair transplant clinics which have been able to win international prizes and proved that they are the best hair transplant clinics worldwide:

  • ASMED Hair Transplant
  • HERMEST Hair Transplant
  • Dr Keser Clinic
  • AHD Hair Transplant
  • Serkan Aygin Hair Transplant

For those who intend to have a hair transplant in Turkey, we recommend choosing companies that have proved their success apart from the services they will give. These companies are the companies which you can trust not only as they will promise a successful hair transplant result but also as they will stand by you against all unfavourable situations that may arise after a hair transplant. As a result, we recommend choosing one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey for a hair transplant.

Top 10 Destinations for Hair Transplants in Turkey : 

Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

Because the hair transplant sector in Turkey has turned into a large health tourism sector, hair transplant clinics are frequently checked by both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism. Yet, what a pity, check processes are not always sufficient. Hence, apart from the official guarantee by the government, we recommend those who intend to have a hair transplant in Turkey look at reviews related to hair transplant clinics. Along with these reviews, you should go over complaints. If a hair transplant company is a prestigious company, it ensures 100% customer satisfaction. In addition to this, it manages to get positive reviews.

Are There Any Good Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey?

Turkey is considered the capital of hair transplantation. It would not be an exaggeration if we said that the best hair transplant clinics are in Turkey. Together with this, it is no wonder that there are very good hair transplant doctors in Turkey. Furthermore, the best hair transplant doctors in the world, who have won a lot of prizes, are found in Turkey. Nevertheless, just as there are the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey, there are also very bad hair transplant clinics. For this reason, before you have your hair transplant, you should do a comprehensive search for a good hair transplant doctor.

Hair transplant Turkey reviews:

Cheap Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

There are places that perform hair transplant operations with the cost of $500-600 in Turkey, but the results of cheap choices may cost you dearly. In general, these are the clinics that offer cheap hair transplants:

  • Illegal hair transplant clinics
  • Clinics without operation competence
  • Clinics that employ teams with little experience and low-cost staff.
  • Clinics that are little known and want to increase their customer number
  • Clinics that are newly established and want to increase their recognition

Such clinics generally have very low satisfaction rates as they are cheap. You may have the following problems if you have a hair transplant in such hair transplant clinics:

  • When a problem arises before or after a hair transplant, there will not be a responsible person who will deal with it.
  • Nobody helps you when you have a problem
  • They do not give an official warranty for hair transplants
  • You may encounter a multitude of problems at an illegal company

Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

The prices here are average prices because the prices of some transplant clinics are constantly changing. We recommend getting in touch with hair transplant clinics directly to learn their exact prices.


Hair Transplant Clinics Minimum Price Maximum Price Single Price Pricing Policy
ASMED $1.8 $3 Price per Graft
AHD Clinic $4,000 $8,000 Package Prices
Arenamed $1,980 Single Price
Aslı Tarcan $2,300 $3,000 Package Prices
Asuman Hairtransplant $4,000 $5,000 Package Prices
Bilgehan Aydın $2,500 Single Price
Clinic Center $1,550 $2,200 Package Prices
Clinicana $2,500 $3,000 According to the Technique used
Clinicexpert $1,200 $1,400 Package Prices
ClinicHair $1,700 Single Price
Cosmedica $2,500 $3,600 According to the Technique used
Elithairtransplant $1,900 $4,300 Package Prices
Emphair $2,500 $3,000 According to the Technique used
Emrah Cinik $2,500 $3,600 Package Prices
Hair of Istanbul $3,000 $4,800 Package Prices
HERMEST $1.500 $3.500 According to the Technique used
HLC Hair Transplant $3.2 $3.6 Price per Graft
Lale Hair Transplant $2,100 $4,800 According to the Technique used
Longevita $2,000 $4,3009 According to the Technique used
Maya Estetik $1,200 $2,450 According to the Technique used
Mcann $1,950 $2,200 According to the Technique used
Medical Park $2,250 $3,250 According to the Technique used
Serkan Aygın $3,000 $4,000 According to the Technique used
Smile Hair Clinic $2,200 Single Price
Zekeriya Kul $1.2 Price per Graft


Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews & Costs